Izzy Gets Shorn

Izzy’s a little cooler today without all that wool on.  Yesterday we had her shorn.

It’s almost impossible to get a shearer to come to a farm to shear just one sheep, especially this time of year.  We  got lucky and Jay, a former GE engineer, now handyman (he’s done lots of work around our house)  and sheep farmer,   was having his sheep shorn yesterday.  Jay offered to pick Izzy up in his truck and bring her to his place to have her shorn then delivered her back to us.

I imagine it might have been a bit confusing for Izzy, being trucked to so many different place in so few days.  But after some sniffing around she seemed to remember where she was.  And our sheep welcomed her pretty quickly.

Jay charged us just $20 for all he did.  When I questioned the amount, he said he liked to do something for the sheep when he could.

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