My Raptor/ Vulture Quilt


My Raptor or as I’m now calling it, Vulture Quilt, when I left the studio today.

6 thoughts on “My Raptor/ Vulture Quilt

  1. Maria, its freaky, spooky and gorgeous! Speaks to me but I don’t know what its saying. Beautiful work! Love it! How can you let it go? Of course you haven’t said its for sale…..


    1. It is for sale Janet and I love to put my work out into the world after I make it. I rarely keep anything for myself, although I do have a few pieces. Jon thinks it kinda spooky too.

  2. This is great!! I love it! Great energy, it’s a great direction although I know you can’t steer creativity. This and many of your tote bags have an exciting feel.

    BTW while consolidating my books I found one I would love to send you if you don’t have it already. It’s Buffie Johnson’s Lady of the Beasts…The Goddess and Her Sacred Animals. Great book and would be a joy to know it was inspiring more great work.

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