Three Sister’s Garden, Making Sense of My World

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I have to keep a close eye on my Three Sister’s Garden, because there’s something new growing everyday.

The giant leafs of the corn plants brush against each other in the breeze making a soft swishing sound.  It’s like a gentle caress and I can’t help but imagine that because the plants are able to make physical contact in this way, they’re “happier” and growing better in each other’s company.


This morning before breakfast I pick three pea pods and Jon and I shared them as we looked at the Dahlia gardens which is just beginning to flower.  They were so  sweet!


I  saw this pumpkin growing a couple of days ago.  At first I thought it was a zucchini, because it was so long,  but today I saw the zucchini, so I know this is a pumpkin.


I could eat zucchini every day.  I like it simple, grilled or sautéed in a little olive oil.  It’s a good thing too, because I know how zucchini grows like weeds.


For the past few days I’ve been picking the string beans and eating them off the vine.   I don’t have a lot of plants in my garden.  There won’t be enough for canning or freezing.  It’ more like the idea of a gentleman farmer.  A hobby not a living.

But even growing this small amount of vegetables has made me feel more connected to the earth and appreciate all she has to offer us.  It makes me want to be kinder to her.   Also, I think I’ve always appreciated the earth for her beauty , but now I’m experiencing  her life-giving powers in a more direct way.

It’s like eating my chickens eggs.  Somehow in witnessing directly  where my food comes from, living with it’s source and taking care of it,  the world around me makes more sense.

2 thoughts on “Three Sister’s Garden, Making Sense of My World

  1. Ahhh, not everyone gets how amazing it is to watch a garden grow, I’m so glad you do! I feel connected to everything in a very special way when in my garden, sounds like you really feel it too.
    Fresh beans, peas, squash right off the plant, there truly isn’t a lot better than that (you will be shocked to realize how long their shelf life is, too, compared to store bought).

    IF you do get to an over-saturation point with the zucchini you might try offering one to Fate. My dog loved gnawing on them–but then, you’ve got lots of critters, even the chickens will enjoy them.

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