My “Vulture” Wall Hanging is Sold

vulture ok

I put the last stitch and drew the last line on my “Vulture” Wall Hanging this afternoon.  Then I sewed the backing on it.  I’ve written about it so much (under the name Raptor) that I don’t know what else to say about it.

Except that I came across a poem by Hafiz that, to me, speaks to the piece.  Here it is:

That Believe In Gravity    by Hafiz

The wind and I could come by and carry
you the last part of your journey, if you
become light enough,

by just letting go of a few more things you
are clinging to…that still believe in

It is 58″x71″ and I  sold it for $500 + shipping.   Here’s some details….

vulture ok detail

vulture ok detail2

vulture ok detail6

vulture ok detail4


5 thoughts on “My “Vulture” Wall Hanging is Sold

  1. this is a stunning piece, Maria! Incredible detail and work and in many ways, it surpasses (in intricacy) any of your previous works (in my opinion). I trust the lucky new owner will cherish it. It’s very, very beautiful!
    Susan M

  2. Fantastic, thank you so much for the close up details, take plenty for your records.
    This is an important piece I’m sure you know it should be permanently labeled on the back so everyone knows who made it.

    I mentioned once a 1960-70’s quilter who inspired me and many others in the Quilting revival around the centennial. I’m not sure you ever found Elizabeth Gurrier but I did find a few websites displaying some of her work. She was great and quirky. Your totes feel like original descendants of some of here work.

    I will send you the goddess book soon and one with her work also if I can find it. A joy to know they will have such a great home.

    Again just a wonderful quilt from an old worn out quilter

  3. The Hafiz poem you included was wonderful. Thank you. Have you ever read Byrd Baylor’s books? They’re picture books, so they can be found in the children’s section of libraries, but they are for all ages. They speak about the connection between people, the earth and animals from a Native American viewpoint.

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