Deb, The Lone Sheep


All the rest of the sheep were back in the pole barn, but Deb was out grazing with Chloe and the donkeys.  It’s unusual for a sheep to stray from the flock. But Ma, Deb’s mother, used to do the same thing.

Sometimes I wonder if Deb is just so busy eating she doesn’t realize the other sheep aren’t there.   But she looks so at ease grazing next to Chloe.  Something in their body language,  makes it look like they’re old friends enjoying some time together.

2 thoughts on “Deb, The Lone Sheep

  1. I’ve never had the chance to spend much time with sheep. Does the rest of the flock notice/act concerned if a member isn’t with them? Do they look for Deb or call to her? Or do they just focus on their own proximity to the flock?

    1. It’s not usually the sheep that are together that notice when a sheep is not there, but the lone sheep will usually start calling out to the flock and then they answer and usually come together. It’s different with lambs, the mother will look for them. And when the ewes were pregnant they behaved differently and did seem to look out for each other more.

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