Chloe, Our Pony

jon washing chloe

First I heard the whinny then the sound of the car door closing.  By the time I got from my studio to the barn, Jon was giving Chloe a treat.  There was a big smile on his face when he told me he couldn’t resist Chloe’s whinny.

As much as Jon loves watering the gardens, he now loves hosing Chloe down on these hot days.  It’s the same instinct in him, both loving  and nurturing.

Chloe, of course, loves it too.  She waits patiently at the gate for Jon to get the hose.   Once he starts spraying her, she doesn’t move till he stops.

When we first got Chloe, both Jon and I  thought of her as my pony.  But that’s changing as Jon has more to do with her.

It started with the kisses.  Chloe would lift her nose above the fence and Jon would plant a kiss on her nose. Then, he started brushing her.  Now she’s getting baths.

Jon’s very diligent about taking  good care of  all the animals.  Making sure they have what they need which helps create the peaceful environment on the farm.    But he makes sure they have some extra’s too  (as much as he teases me about giving the chickens gourmet leftovers, he often buys them special treats).  And when the animals are happy, it makes Jon happy too.

Today, as I watched Jon hosing Chloe down,  I saw the trust pass between them.  There was a comfort level I hadn’t seen before and  I thought that Chloe is just as much Jon’s pony as mine.




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  1. They are adorable! This heat wave is rough on our animals too. I think many people don’t remember this. I’m to the stable and hosing off my sweaty pony every day I can. I think it’s especially important to our middle age girls. 🙂 Chloe and Melody whose 18yrs.

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