My Quilts True Colors



I worked at the Cambridge Co-Op today, but did get the back on my quilt before leaving this morning.   I’ll start tacking it with pink yarn tomorrow.  This picture is better than yesterdays, showing it’s true colors.


4 thoughts on “My Quilts True Colors

  1. I love this quilt Maria. I wish I was just starting out in my married life. Now I have too many quilts in my closet.

  2. I love this quilt, Maria. These are my favorite colors: the various shades of pink and lavender. They go so well with the teals, the greens and the turquoise. The arrangement and the colors are all so soft and calming. They exude a feeling of calm and softness. I think that of all of your quilts this one is my very favorite. It shows how much time, effort and love you put into it. They all do, but this seems to have a special quality to it. It is something that evokes the feeling of your peaceable kingdom. It makes me feel as if it is early morning when the colors begin to wake up at dawn and you see them through a haze or a filter of light. It feels like a garden at daybreak.
    I love it.

    1. Jane, someone else said it reminded them of a garden in the moonlight. I think you are both are both saw something in I didn’t until now.

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