A Basket of Hummingbirds


I looked at the small basket of hummingbirds that Jon held in his hand.  Each one about the size of a quarter.

He bought them all for me.  The whole basket full.  We were in the Village Store in Cambridge.  It’s one of the places Jon would go to buy me gifts.  Now it’s going out of business, and today, what ever was left in the store, was 75 percent off.

I’m sad to see the store close down.  I would go there to buy dark chocolate and handmade soap on a regular basis.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the humming birds yet.  But before going home, Jon and I stopped in the bead shop and Heather sold me some glue that will permanently attach them to fabric.  I think they may find a place in my next wall hanging.

4 thoughts on “A Basket of Hummingbirds

  1. Those are fantastic! However, sorry to hear of a local store closing, those sales are always more bitter than sweet.

  2. I notice there’s a couple of bees in there, Maria.Maybe a wall hanging with honey and flowers?

  3. So sad to hear that the Village Store is closing. My children and I spent a lot of time in there.Sometimes I wish that Cambridge would stay just the way that I remember it.

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