Cindy and Her Bedlam Farm Tote Bag

Cindy and her Bedlam Farm Tote Bag
Cindy and her Bedlam Farm Tote Bag

When Alice wrote to me and told me about her friend Cindy, and what a wonderful person she is, I was happy to make a tote bag for her.

Alice gave Cindy the tote a couple of days ago.  She told me that Cindy hung the bag on her wall.  And wrote:    “It may be a while before (if ever) it gets to stretch it’s legs as a functioning tote bag in the traditional sense, but for now the contents within the bag are happiness for Cindy.  I can’t think of anything else I’d like to carry around in a tote.”

I’d have to agree with Alice on that one.


2 thoughts on “Cindy and Her Bedlam Farm Tote Bag

  1. Thanks for creating this for Cindy and thanks for posting this wonderful picture of her smile. (The lighting wasn’t great so it doesn’t show how really radiant her smile is!) It makes me so happy to see Cindy happy. Thank you again!

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