Chloe Kisses Potholders

Chloe Kisses
Chloe Kisses

I woke up with the idea to make a potholder with Chloe giving kisses on it.  I didn’t have to think about it too much, the image was already in my head.   Chloe’s tilted head, offering up her nose and a heart just above her.

I did some pencil drawings then practiced on drawing  it with my  sewing machine.   I made a couple of potholders out of scrap fabric to get the positioning and proportions right.

Then I thought of Jon’s linen pants.

He just got rid of them while we were “Tidying Up” a couple of weeks ago.   They would be the perfect fabric to stitch Chloe on.  Not just because of the fabric, but because they were Jon’s.  And Chloe giving Jon kisses is what inspired the potholder to begin with.

I’ll be selling these next week when they’re all done and made into potholders.    I stitch each potholder individually, so they’re all slightly different, each an original drawing.   They are $25 + shipping.  If you’re interested in one, you can email me at [email protected].

Practicing making Chloe’s Kisses

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