Deb and The Bear

In the Pole Barn
In the Pole Barn

I got a text from Ed Gulley today.

Yesterday he came to take Deb’s body.  We put her in his truck and  he drove with her back to his farm.  I know lots of farmers have a place they put their dead animals.  I assumed a pile someplace back in the woods.

But Ed texted:    Not that it matters, but thought you’d like to know that we bury all our animals and I put Deb next to the bear figuring their spirits have crossed before.

Oh it matters, I wrote back, Thank you, Thank you.


9 thoughts on “Deb and The Bear

  1. Marie, I saw that you helped load Deb. I am a lot like you, as I would have been right there, doing the same thing. You always pitch in, without hesitation, to help where it’s needed. And yes, I cried a tear when I read that Ed buried her. Love your posts. Keep on!

  2. Maria, I weep in joy. It matters, it truly does matter. Ed Gulley paid a tribute to both the bear and Deb. It was such a right thing to do to bury them next to each other. Crossed they have, many times.

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