Jon’s Portrait Exhibit at the Round House Cafe

Jon's photo of Ashley.
Jon’s portrait of Ashley.

Jon likes to joke that he’s getting special treatment when it comes to his portrait show at the Round House Cafe, because he’s sleeping with the curator.  And since I’m the curator,  maybe there’s some truth to that.  But it’s hard to tell because I love Jon’s photos for the show so much.  So even if we weren’t sleeping together, I’d want to help him get his photos up on the wall of the cafe.

I used to work at a museum and have done a lot of art handling over the years.  And I worked in a frame shop for about seven years.  Being an artist along with all of this, I know a lot about many sides of the art world.

Hanging an exhibit in a public space, like a cafe is almost always fun.  It doesn’t have the attitude that can come with some galleries and museums.  Also, the art is accessible to more people who aren’t  necessarily used to seeing art.

I’ve been planning Jon’s show since he decided to do it a couple of months ago.  Our friend, the photographer,  George Forss is printing up the last few photos.  On Monday I picked up the 25 readymade frames we got on sale at JoAnn Fabric and yesterday the mattes were delivered.

So, now comes the really fun part, I get to put it all together.    I know we have too many photos so we’ll have to do more editing.   I’m planning on laying them all out on the dining room table to get a sense of what we have and what will work best together.  Editing is about choosing the best photos but when they’re all so good it, it also becomes about which ones will work best together in the exhibit.

The exhibit will the first week of September and will be at the Round House Cafe during  the Bedlam Farm Open House Columbus Day weekend, October 7th-8th.  So if you’re planning on coming to the Open House, you can see them all in person.  If not, I’ll be taking some videos of the exhibit so you can see them on my blog.

For the most part I  enjoyed framing pictures when I did it for a living.  But framing  art that I have a personal connection to is like taking good care of something precious.

I’m so excited to see all of Jon’s portraits framed and together.  They each stand on their own, but seeing them in context with each other, I know,will be a powerful experience.   And I’m not just saying that because I’m sleeping with the artist.


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