4 potholdders

Ruth made me an offer.  She would buy four of my potholder for $35 each as a donation to my trip to India.   I couldn’t resist.  “I like the ones with the cats and hens” she wrote.

So today I made her two potholders I’ve made before and came up with two new ones.  All with Minnie and Flo and the hens on the back porch.

The last one I made was the one with the “Heal” sign.   It hangs right under the “Books’ sign on the wall behind the wooden crate the cats sit in.

Seeing  the different animals, living peacefully together, is always healing to me.

4 thoughts on “Heal

  1. I would buy two potholders featuring the cats and hens for $100 to contribute to the India trip if you have time to make them. I like the ones of the red hen with the cat & the chair. The red hen Jon wrote about always touched my heart.

    1. I would be very happy to do that Lisa. I’ll email you and thank you very much. And it seems fitting to have the potholders with the Red Hen.

  2. I would buy a $50 potholder also. HEAL is my favorite but they are all beautiful. Don’t be apologetic if they are are really one-offs, it is lovely to see them anyway.

    Between school and university I worked for 6 months in a displaced persons’ camp on the border of East and West Germany. It was a very vital and humbling part of my life, especially as I could so easily have been an inmate. The Red Cross tracing organization had found myself and my siblings stranded in Poland and returned us to Grandparents in Vienna when I was 11 years old.

    1. That’s an amazing story Erika. And your work on the border must have been so too. I’ll be very happy to make you a “Heal” potholder. I’ll email about it. Thank you.

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