Thank You All, For Making My Trip To India Possible

making potholders

It’ just over a week since Dahn asked me to go to Kokata, India to teach the women there, who are victims of sex trafficking, to sew potholders.  And  today, between paypal, the mail and Indiegogo, I’ve received the $6000. that I asked for to make the trip to India possible for me.

I am stunned and awed by it all.  The outpouring of support has had me in tears on and off for days.  Jon has been writing about it more than I have.  He’s so much  quicker at the keyboard than I am and while he and I have been talking this all through, I haven’t had a chance to write about it much.  Not about the impact it’s already had on me.  I’ll get to it, it just takes me longer to understand what I’m feeling and then be able to put it into words.

But Jon did write about many of the things we’ve been talking about and he wrote about it beautifully (as he does)  this morning. You can read it here.

For me, for now, I would like to thank all the generous people who have supported my trip to India.  Not only with money, but with your thoughtful and encouraging  messages.

I’m going to keep my Indiegogo campaign, Using Art to Help Sex Workers In India running so people can continue to contribute if they want to.  Any money I receive, above the money I need for my expenses for the trip, I will use in the best way possible to donate to the women I’ll be working with in Kolkata.  Whether it goes to supplies for their work or to a project I come across while I’m there that seems worthy or to individuals in need.  I’ll be working on all of this with Dahn Gandell, who helped found the project and has experience in what is most needed and how the money can best be used.

And, of course,  I’ll keep you all updated on what’s happening every step of the way.

So thank you all, again, so very much.


5 thoughts on “Thank You All, For Making My Trip To India Possible

  1. My grandmother, a child of the depression, made potholders out of scrap fabric..anything from my grandfather’s overalls to her daughters’ outgrown dresses(she also made full sized quilts). She taught me the craft of strip piecing using old newspapers. Nothing went to waste. Your potholders remind me of her creations, and ultimately of her. Nothing makes me happier than to think of her, gone almost 30 years now. I’m thrilled that you get to make this trip. As I know you are.

    1. Thanks for the story about your grandmother Diane. I feel close to the women who did this kind of work in the past. Like there’s a real connection between us.

  2. Maria, I am excited for you. Think you will get additional funds. We have done some mission work in the Third World as part of our Christian faith. Great experience.

  3. You’re so welcome Maria! You go for all of us that can’t and you’re making the world a better place, one pot holder at a time!!! So happy and thrilled for you!!

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