Donkey Love Potholders

Donkey Love
Donkey Love Potholder

My donkeys, Fanny and Lulu talk to me.  Sometimes I hear words, sometimes I see pictures, sometimes I just feel them in my heart and bones.  Sensitive, spiritual, grounding, loving beings.

Sometimes they put their heads together, sometimes they put their heads to mine.  And what rises up between them and me is an ancient kind of love.  Not just for them and me but for all things. And that love doesn’t  hang around, it moves out into the world.

That’s just what my donkeys do.

And I saw it so clearly in the photo Jon posted yesterday of me and them.  So much, that today I got the idea for this potholder.  I made just a few of them, but I want to make more.

I’ll be selling them for $25 + $5 shipping. If you’d like one, just email me at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.

Jon's picture of me and Fanny and Lulu
Jon’s picture of me and Fanny and Lulu

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