Joyfully Serious

My Latest Quilt
My latest quilt

I had been at my computer all day.  Not something I’m used to.  And after dinner I couldn’t think of a thing I wanted to do but go to my studio and sew some pieces of fabric together.

It was already dark out, and I knew being in my studio would be like a meditation.  All I had to do was choose two pieces of  fabric and sew it together.  Then keep choosing and sewing.

I worked from the scraps already on my desk, scraps I’d used to make potholders a few days before.  They came together easily.

All week I had been focused on my trip to India, the practical and emotional.  In my studio I was letting it all out, showing how I felt, what was going on inside of me through shapes and colors and textures.  I wasn’t thinking about it, I was feeling it.

The word threshold kept coming to me, that something was shifting inside of me.  But I was tired of words, having a hard time using them,  so I let the fabric tell my story.

Something did happen that night and I found my strength once again through my work.

This afternoon I finished designing that quilt that I started a few night ago.  And when I look at it now it seems celebratory and ceremonial to me.   Joyfully serious.  Determined and very intentional.


9 thoughts on “Joyfully Serious

  1. Maria
    You have made a gorgeous Indian style quilt, When you get there you will see what I am talking about. The spirit of Indian women is already within you. As beautiful as your work is now I can’t wait to see what you design when you return! Love Tess

  2. What a great title for a post. You’ve given me something to play with in my mind and writing.

    It’s great that you didn’t put yourself off saying “I’m too tired, I’ll create tomorrow.” Or “This isn’t when I go to the studio”. You did what you needed to. And whether you meant to or not, the result has a gorgeous door (a threshold) front and center.

  3. Maria,
    This is wonderful and so expressive of a threshold to a new you and a new place you are going. I LOVE this. Is it for sale yet? I have a birthday coming up.

  4. This is beautiful!

    I love how you have combined bright, energetic colors with darker grounded ones.

    If I was interpreting this, I would say that it is grounded/comes out of the brown earth, the black and gold mysterious sacred, and errupts in a dance of joy.

  5. I LOVE HOW ARDENE INTERPRETS YOUR QUILT, MARIA! Looking at the colors and design, I was thinking what a beautiful interpretation your quilt is of a garden, earth, grass, flowers springing up in the center. Annie

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