Bedlam Farm (EcoBags) Tote Bags For Sale


Owl Goddess Tote Bag
Owl Goddess  SOLD

I got my shipment of new tote bags from EcoBags last week.  And yesterday I sat down in my studio and did some drawing.

I’m not sure where the Owl Goddess came from, but she was the first thing that came out of me.

I’m happy to be buying my new totebags from Ecobags.   They’re a socially responsible company with its factories in the USA, India and China.  I like knowing that the people making the bags are earning a fare wage, working in good conditions and even getting health insurance.

The totes are made from  natural cotton and  are a little bigger than the ones that were given to me and got me started on the whole tote bag adventure.   And obviously more expensive, since I got the last ones for free.  So the price of my Bedlam Farm Tote Bags has gone up to cover the price of the bag.  They cost $8 each.

Also, drawing on them yesterday, I’ve noticed that the canvas is thicker and coarser, wearing out my markers a little more quickly than the other bags.  I imagine this means they’re more durable too.

I have three Bedlam Farm Tote Bags for sale today.  They are $48 each +$8 shipping.  If you see one you like you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.


Dancing Goddess Tote Bag
Dancing Goddess  SOLD
Doorway Through The Tree
Doorway Through The Tree SOLD


3 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm (EcoBags) Tote Bags For Sale

  1. I’m fascinated by the appearance of Owl Goddess. When I first saw the images they reminded me of the ayahuasca paintings by Pablo Amaringo. (A pinterest search will bring up a lot of his art) There are so many stories going on in his paintings. The same as yours. It’s all so fascinating to me. The doors and windows within our worlds into other worlds.

    1. NIcole, I’m familiar with Amaringo’s work. And his stories which don’t have a straight line narrative. It’s good to be reminded of his work though, a source of inspiration.

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