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We’re off to Brooklyn tomorrow to visit Jon’s daughter Emma, her husband Jay and Jon’s new-born Granddaughter Robin.

I  have no expectations.  How can I.  I have nothing to compare it to.   No experience quite like it.  If anything,  it makes me a bit uncomfortable.

We’re bringing some books and baby gifts.  Jon and I plan to help Emma and Jay in any way we can, from the practical to the emotional, during the time we’ll be there.

I’m pretty good at the practical, I like to jump in and get things done.  But I’ve never even changed a baby’s diaper before.  Like I said, it’s all new to me.

I think of all the potential there is in a baby.  The excitement of the beginning of a brand new life.  All the possibilities.  But in a way, that’s an abstract idea.

People keep telling me all you have to do is love a baby.  That’s the most important thing.  I’m not sure I even know what that means.  Or how to go about doing that.   But I’m open to it happening and who knows,  maybe I’ll find out.

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  1. So much wisdom in letting things unfold as they will, Maria …it’s a new experience for everyone involved, really. Yet I think you’ll come to trust your natural instincts to nurture and share. Young children learn so much just by observing and spending time with the people in their lives, and a new and special kind of relationship will bloom for you.

  2. Hi Maria , I have four stepsons that came into my life late. I now have two granddaughters. I asked to be Mimi right away. I love everything about it. They are pearls and their mom loves everything about who I am . Go for it.

  3. Hi, Maria–

    A friend of mine (who has two children of her own) is now becoming step mother to two other children who are already dear to her. She was trying to think of what to call them and settled on “bonus children,” which I thought was lovely. Sounds to me like you have a wonderful “bonus granddaughter” charming her way into your life! Enjoy! 🙂

  4. I have made many, many baby quilts over the years, and you can do that too of course. I always wait until I have met the baby and have a sense of them before I choose my fabrics. they are always so appreciated and have often become the beloved “blankies” that kids like to nap with or drag around the house with them later on. I also make baby sweaters, so if you like I could make a sweater for Robin with Bedlam Farm wool! Maybe when she is a bit older.

    1. Thanks Sarah, the sweater is a nice idea, I’ll keep it in mind. And I’ve been thinking of making Robin a quilt since I heard she was coming. I too felt like I wanted to be inspired by knowing her.

  5. Hi Maria,
    I enjoyed reading your post and have been thinking about it. It occurred to me I have something to share with you that may be of value, maybe not. Better to share. My dad married Estela after he and my mom divorced following 40 years of marriage. He met her after the divorce, in Argentina where they are from where I was also born. She is younger than my dad by 25 years. She never had children of her own, and adored my father, immensely. They had a great love. She and I have a good relationship and I consider her a wonderful friend. She absolutely loves the grandkids in my family. My siblings and I had our kids late in life. Our parents got to know their six grandchildren, fortunately. My parents passed away at 80 & 81 years, two years ago, four months apart. My only child was six years old at the time and deeply affected by their passing. They no longer have biological grandparents. But there is a silver lining: They all love Estelita! There is mutual adoration. As time moves on, we have discovered a wonderful type of grandma/friend energy and love from her. It is similar to yet apart from the kind of energy and love my parents had for our kids. It is hard to describe, but I would say estela’s role as a step grandparent is less… fraught with the anxiety of biology and lineage which gets mixed in with the complexity of watching your children parent their children. It is more mellow, very fun and joyful. My child and her cousins get to enjoy familial, dedicated love from their step grandmother, in a way that is relaxed and freeing for everyone. I hope you enjoy your journey and let us know what you discover along the way in your relationship with Robin and her parents.

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