Holding Robin

Jon and his granddaughter Robin
Jon and his granddaughter Robin

I knew he had it in him, but I was still impressed.  Jon walked around with his granddaughter Robin in his arms like he does it everyday.

He fed her a bottle then carried her to the cafe where we had lunch.   He didn’t bat an eye  holding her in one arm while he ate with his other hand.

I have to be honest, I’m sure it happens, but I’ve never seen a man do this before.  I’ve only seen men had off the baby when it’s time to eat or do anything they wanted to do.  In my experience, it’s the women who learn to do everything with one hand while the hold the baby with the other.

And Robin was comfortably quiet the whole time.

I was surprised at how natural I felt holding Robin.  When ever I’ve held a baby, which hasn’t been often, I’ve always been afraid that I might hurt them somehow.    But holding Robin, I was as comfortable as if I were holding a baby goat  (which says a lot if you know me).  And not only was I comfortable holding her,  I was actually enjoying it.

There was something satisfying about  having Robin in my arms.  The weight of her and the feeling that she really just needs to feel safe and loved by me.   Under the circumstances, that was pretty easy to do.

We didn’t get to experience the other parts of Robin, the crying and fussing part.  But there’s plenty of time for that.   For our first meeting, I’d have to say it was pretty sweet.


5 thoughts on “Holding Robin

  1. Maria and Jon,
    What beautiful, thoughtful posts about your visits w/ Robin. You have welcomed her to your world in the dearest ways possible. Peace to all of you.


  2. You both have so much love to give. I hope you’re able to play a significant part in Robin’s life. Men…they never cease to amaze!

  3. OH MARIA! Such a beautiful and tender photo! Such a beautiful and tender post!! I was never natural at holding any baby but my own. I was always told that once you get a feel for a baby you never lose it. But I have always felt awkward holding other women’s babies, afraid I’ll drop or hurt the baby or make him/her cry! Annie

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