Thirty Yards Of Batting



It’s the first time I’ve ever  bought a roll of batting.  30 yards, 96 inches wide. It’s going to last me a while.

I’ve always gotten individual bags of batting big enough for a queen size quilt.  Because my quilts are rarely a standard size, I would use whatever was extra  on my potholders and wall hangings.

I’ve never had a lot of waste, when it comes to my batting.  I’ll zigzag stitch it together when the scarps get too small.  But now I think it will be even easier and I’ll have less piecing to do.

I think  part of the reason I never got a big roll of batting before was because it’s a big investment.  Buying all that batting means I’m going to have to sell a lot of work.

I guess I’m not worried about that anymore.   I know I’m going to use up all that batting and probably quicker than I imagine.

And I also believe that I’m going to be able to sell the work I make.  That’s a good feeling.  In the past I’d be superstitious about saying that out loud.  But I’ve decided not to believe in those old superstitions anymore.  That’s how superstitions work isn’t it?  You have to believe in them for them to come true.

Fate keeping me company while I tacked my latest quilt.
Fate keeping me company while I tacked my latest quilt.


4 thoughts on “Thirty Yards Of Batting

  1. I bought a full roll of batting and shared it with my quilting friends at work. It took 5 years to use it all. I’m pretty sure you’ll use it all eventually! We’ll be waiting to see what it will be used for!

  2. This quilt is beautiful Maria. You are rockin the positivity! I have to say this photo made me think of Izzy in front of the N.Y. City flower and denim quilt. What a great dog he was 🙂

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