“Those Who Stayed Behind” Jon’s Portrait Exhibit at The Round House Cafe

Jon at the Round House Cafe with some of his Portrait Show hanging behind him.
Jon at the Round House Cafe with some of his Portrait Show hanging behind him.

It is  how I imagined it, only better.  Each of Jon’s photos in his portrait show is a world in itself.  A world where the subject(s) tell us their story.

Some of them, like the photo of our bookkeeper Anne, with her hands over her ears, ask more questions than they answer.  Others, like the photo of artist Carol Conklin,  and Dominick, who works at the cafe,  stare at us defiantly.  And love pours from the portraits  of Carol Gulley, giving her fledgling turkey a kiss on the head, and from Alfreda and Rubin, their heads touching.

With feeling and insight, Jon has captured a moment in the lives of each of the people he photographed.  Showing us  how he see each person.  I think there’s something tender about all of them.

Scott and I hung the show this afternoon.  I loved putting each picture on the wall.  Stepping back to look at them.   Like with one of my quilts my eye travels from one frame to another.  Resting on each photo,trying to take it all in.   Each one rich and full in its content and artistry.

I know many people who will come see the show will be looking for people they know.  But you don’t have to personally know the people in Jon’s photos to take something from the exhibit.  Many of the photos have a timeless quality about them.  And each one stands on its own as a piece of art.

I’ve been working with Jon as he’s had photo shows in different ways in different locations for years.  I know this is his favorite show.  And it’s mine too.  I can’t wait to go back to the cafe and spend more time with it.  Being surrounded by Jon’s art not only feels good, but it gets my mind going.

You can see Jon’s Portrait Exhibit called ” Those Who Stayed Behind” at the Round House Cafe from September 12th – October 17th.  The Opening Reception is Sunday, September 18th from 2-4pm.    The Cafe is located at 1 Washington Street, Cambridge NY 12816.

You can read some of  Jon’s thoughts on the exhibit here.

Jon’s Portrait Exhibit will be at the Cafe during the Bedlam Farm Open House on October 8th and 9th.  So you can see two exhibits if you come to the Open House, one in my School House Studio and one at The Round House Cafe.  For more information on the Bedlam Farm Open House click here.

5 thoughts on ““Those Who Stayed Behind” Jon’s Portrait Exhibit at The Round House Cafe

  1. Hello Maria,
    What a wonderful collaboration of love and artistic talents, and community!. Bravo for Jon’s portraiture, certainly a new and proud venture for him. Beautiful in their individuality and soul of each person. And your personal creative touch to bring it all together…….And what better place than to portray them…..in Scott and Lisa’s Round House…..the heart of the community.
    Looking forward to seeing the show, whether at the Opening, or the Open House.

  2. You arranged these pics as expertly and artistically as you do your quilts!! And the photo is so clear and close up that I recognize quite a few of the people in the photos, as well. Annie

  3. Maria, not only are you a gifted artist, but a gifted writer. And your description of Jon’s latest photography show makes me wish I could just travel an easy distance to come and see his work as well as yours!

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