Getting Ready For The Bedlam Farm Open House

Animals potholders

The Bedlam Farm Open House is only a month away.  It’s coming up quickly, so today I designed some potholders with the Open House in mind.  I’m planning on making some Bedlam Farm Tote Bags too, and I’m not sure what else I’ll have.

But I have eight other artists besides myself who will be showing and selling their work in my School House Gallery.  Between then and now, I’ll be writing about each of them.   But if you’re curious, I have a short description and photo of each artist on my Events page.

This October 8th and 9th we’ll have sheep herding with Jon and Red and Fate (kinda).  Suzy Fatzinger will be spinning wool outside my studio and Carol Law Conklin will be doing a demonstration of her Batik.

Jim McRae will shear the sheep and Ken Norman will be there trimming the donkeys and Chloe’s hooves.

Jon will talk about his new book and whatever else he decides to talk about.   And Ed Gulley will give a talk about his work too.   Mary Kellogg and Jackie Thorne will be reading their poetry and selling their books.

And of course, Deb will be there helping out with  Fanny, Lulu and Chloe, so you can feed them carrots and brush them.

So I hope you can make it to the Open House and if you won’t be there, you can follow it all here.

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready For The Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. I read the full details of the Open House on your ‘Events’ page, and had a brainwave. My parents are heading over from the UK soon, staying for 5 weeks, they usually take a side trip, and wondered where to travel over the Columbus Day weekend.

    From home nr Buffalo, NY you are only around 5 hours away, so I sent them details of the Open House, and I think they will be coming along to visit! Then continuing into VT, hoping for some spectacular fall foliage, so you may have visitors from Devon, England this year! Sadly I have to work, so can’t make it.

    Portrait show looks amazing, I wonder if there is an update about the Roundhouse Café building? We heard so much when the fundraiser started, but never if the Carrino’s were successful in securing the loan needed to acquire the building?

    Look forward to reading more about the Open House as it gets close

    1. Well that would be so special! I do hope your parents can make it and please, if they do, ask them to introduce themselves to me. I want to meet them. Although they’ll probably be the only people here with British accents. Thanks for letting them know about the Open House. And Scott is still negotiating with the Landlord of the building. Not sure where things are at this point, but it’s still a work in progress.

  2. These potholders are so beautifully framed by your burnished, plank wall. They fit as perfectly as leaves and fruit on a tree in late summer! Annie

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