A Video Of Jon Katz Talking About His Portrait Show At The Round House Cafe

Jon’s Portrait Show, Cambridge People: Those Who Stayed Behind, A Celebration of Work and Community,  at the Round House Cafe will be opening this Monday when the cafe reopens after a week of vacation.   The exhibit will run through October 24th and the Opening Reception is Sunday September 18th from 2-4pm.

For everyone coming to the Bedlam Farm Open House you can Jon’s show at the cafe as well as the exhibit of eight different artists  in my School House Gallery, at the Farm.

I took this video of Jon and his show this morning while the cafe was quiet.  I don’t have to say anymore about it, Jon says it all.

I tried to get a video of all the photos, some of them are partially obscured by the light coming in the windows.  I couldn’t find a way around that.  I hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “A Video Of Jon Katz Talking About His Portrait Show At The Round House Cafe

  1. Thank you for sharing this show with those of us who live too far away to see it in person. They are beautiful and I appreciate the labor of love used to provide us with a window into your Cambridge world. Lovely. I lived in Peterborough, NH many years ago. It exuded the same feelings for me that you enjoy in your little town. Recalling those memories always brings me joy. Thank you for eliciting them through viewing your exhibit.

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