Talking To Donkeys


I always take it as a sign of affection when one of the donkeys rests her head on mine.  I find it comforting.  Like I’ve been accepted by them.   It happens sometimes when I’m squatting next to them, being quiet.  Suddenly I’ll feel the weight of a donkey head on mine.

They also do it with each other.   It’s one of the many ways the donkeys communicate.

Other times they offer me their rear ends.  Gently backing into me as I’m sitting there.  It used to make me nervous.  I  wasn’t sure they wouldn’t kick.  But I trust them now, so I don’t move for safety, I move because I don’t really like having a donkey butt in my face.

I haven’t figured out what they’re saying to me with that one yet.

4 thoughts on “Talking To Donkeys

  1. I believe when they’re backing up to you they want you to scratch their butt. At least that’s what my 3 donkeys are saying when they do that!

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