Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 9/12/16

It’s a cool and foggy morning on Bedlam Farm.  We’re keeping an eye on Greselle and Socks.    Each one has a crack in her hoof that has been making them limp for a day or two.  Socks is already doing better than yesterday and Greselle is coming along too.

Jon’s Portrait Show opens this morning at the Round House Cafe.  We’ll go there in a bit  to drop off Jon’s artist statement.  He’s charging $150 for each framed photo.  He said if someone want’s a photo and they really can’t afford it, he’ll  talk to them about working something out.

Vince is coming today to put gravel in the pole barn.  It helps keep the barn dry (and the animals)  and gets depleted throughout the year as we muck out the barn.

Soon I’ll be in my studio working after the weekend off.  I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet, although I did wake up with  the beginnings of a new quilt in my head.

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