Jon In Brooklyn

Robin and Jon
Robin and Jon in Brooklyn today

I took Jon to the train early this morning.  He left for Brooklyn, where he spent the day with his daughter Emma and his granddaughter Robin.

It used to be when  someone went away you wouldn’t hear from them till they got where they were going.  And then only if you were both around a phone at the same time.

Now, even though Jon’s gone overnight, I get to see some of what he sees.

Both he and Emma texted photos.   A few of Jon holding Robin  (In which they both looked pretty content).  A photo of the room Jon’s staying in and one of his new hat. (both very nice).

Then there’s the little texting conversations that go on sporadically throughout the day.  Mostly sweet messages that keep me from missing Jon too much.

Before cell phones, I liked being unreachable.  I used to dread having to answer the phone when it rang.  (Remember not knowing who was  calling  till you picked up the phone).  But I’m beginning to think it was more the people who were calling I was dreading, more than talking on the phone.  Because now I’m happy to answer my phone, and love when I hear one of Jon’s stardust texts coming through.

I don’t doubt there’s something lost when everyone is always so available.  Those moments, like when waiting for a bus, or on line somewhere.  When a person might just spend time observing what’s around her, maybe talking to a stranger.  Or just being.

But mostly,  I don’t feel like I want to be unreachable anymore.  I like those photos and sweet words that come to me through my phone….  Oh, gotta go Jon’s calling…

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