Suzy’s Gloves At The Bedlam Farm Open House

Suzy Fatzinger’s fingerless gloves and the three shawls she made for the Bedlam Farm Open House last year sold out quickly.

This year she made more.   Once again, hand spinning and knitting each one.

And not only will we have more of  Suzy’s beautiful work at the Open House, but Suzy will be here too.   On Saturday October 8th, you can find Suzy just outside my studio door, with her spinning wheel.  So you can see just what goes into the gloves and shawls that Suzy makes.

Suzy has goats and an Angora bunny along with a couple of geese, (who are new) on her farm.  You can see her goats in the video she took showing her gloves.  The white pigmy goat sniffing the gloves is Willis, the brown one is Harry.  Leo, who is scratching himself in the video is an Angora goat.

Suzy gets her roving (which she then spins into yarn) from a few different places.  The white gloves in the video (and in the photo below)  are made from Bedlam Farm wool.  Liam’s wool  to be exact.

Suzy's gloves
Suzy’s gloves

7 thoughts on “Suzy’s Gloves At The Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. I wore a pair of these all through last Winter and then also went on to the pair I bought for my husband when he kindly gave them to me so that I wouldn’t be without a pair when the first ones were washed and drying.

    They are Wonderful!

  2. Hi Erika!!! I am so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed your gloves, thanks for saying so. Glad to help you out Diane! I love being included in your show Maria, excited to be coming this year

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