“Goddess With Lightning Hair” For Sale

Goddess With Lightning Hair
Goddess With Lightning Hair

I’m feeling my power. In my body it lives in the bottom of my belly.  Picture the moon, dark except for a crescent of light on its bottom, like a boat on the water.  Cradling its potential.

I keep thinking that bear came to me in my dream and helped me understand my fear and how to deal with it.  And like the  King in the story of The Handless Maiden I’m taking my  “inner knowing out into the world and putting it  into practice without mincing, muttering, or apologizing”.

That’s the kind of strength I’m feeling.  It comes from taking action.  From doing instead of procrastinating out of fear.  And with each action, no matter how small it is I get a little stronger.  And with that strength comes a feeling that I have a right to be doing what I’m doing and it makes me want to do more.

I can see all these shifts in me pictured in my Goddess with Lightning Hair.  The power and the movement, being grounded and being connected to the higher self.  Not apologizing for what I believe and do. And also an acknowledgement of the whole, of being one small part of something much bigger.  And at the same time understanding the importance of each small part.

A few days ago Jon and I were talking about my visiting with his daughter Emma and her new baby Robin while he has a meeting with his editor in New York.  I was unsure at first.  I’m not  experienced with babies, and know this is a sensitive time for Emma.  It could be a difficult few hours.  But then I thought if I can go to India and do my work there, I can certainly spend time with Emma and Robin and be of help in some way.  Even if it’s by just being good company.

I feel my sense of self expanding.  Each strength building on the one before it.  Not just outwardly, but inside me too.

Hair has long been a symbol of a woman’s power.   Many belief systems try to control it.  Making women cover it up, tie it back, pulled into a bun.  How many women have taken their power back by letting their hair down or shaving it all off.  Shaping it in their own way to say “this is who I am”.

Lightning hair, like Medusa’s snakes, that’s pretty powerful stuff.  I’m not surprised she just made herself known to me now.

My wallhanging of  my Goddess with Lightning Hair is for sale.   It measures  20x 24″ and is $150 + $10 shipping.   If you can feel her power and would like her in your home, you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks and paypal.



5 thoughts on ““Goddess With Lightning Hair” For Sale

  1. Maria,

    You are a gift to the world and Robin. Your presence is enough. I think you area amazing. I see it in your Art, your writing, and the You that you have brought forth.

    Your writing about hair reminded me of one of my favorite musicals HAIR and the song Hair and of course Aquarius.

    I love your work.

    You go girl.

    1. I grew up with the song Age of Aquarius and it always made me feel special because I’m an Aquarius. Then, years later, when the movie came out, I saw it so many times.

  2. Oh Maria, thank you so much for writing a post about STRENGTH. You wrote, “It comes from taking action. From doing instead of procrastinating out of fear.” That’s been ME for many, many, many years……procrastinating out of fear. Finally at age 66 (!) I’m taking the big and little steps of ACTION. At my age I can’t procrastinate any longer!!!

    This arrived in my inbox one day this summer: “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching!” Since then, I finally agreed to fulfill a long time dream of ours……to full time RV, be out in nature, and explore the country. Soooo……Hubby and I sold our house and land, bought a modest RV, and have been full timing for all of 2 weeks. 😉

    I have felt fear and anxiety……right in the centre of my belly where you say my POWER should be!!! I have not felt regret though. Day by day I’m breathing and trying just to BE in the moment. Now, thanks to you, Maria, I’m going to meditate on the POWER in my belly. My strength!

    Creativity is another life wish that I have never allowed myself. Why?! FEAR! Today I bought a few art supplies, wrote a poem, and took some photos. And the world DIDN’T come pounding at my door saying, “You CAN’T do that!” The day just went on quietly but the difference was that I felt good about myself!!!

    You may have no idea how your posts, your musings, your struggle and conclusions affect your readers. Let me tell you, they DO! Thank you!!!

    1. Hazel, I hardly know what to say. It seems you and I (an I’m sure so many other people) are on the same path. Thank you for writing and keep on creating. Maybe some day I’ll be reading your blog about your travels. The physical ones as well as the emotional ones. Your words mean so much to me.

  3. What an awesome lesson on growth from Hazel! She’s another great and brave woman walking through her fears and making her dreams come true. Just as many of us have done with your help and encouragement Maria. Thanks for it all! You go Hazel!

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