Some Good Things Going On In Our Town of Cambridge The Weekend of the Bedlam Farm Open House

Some of my Bedlam Farm Tote Bags That I made for the Open House
Some of my Bedlam Farm Tote Bags That I made for the Open House

The Bedlam Farm Open House is only three weeks away.  (Columbus Day Weekend, October 8th and 9th)    I’ve been busy making potholders and Tote Bags and  arranging things with the other artists who will be showing their work in my School House Gallery that weekend.

We have lots going on at the Farm that weekend  and you can read all about it on my Events page.

But there are things going on outside the farm too.

In the our town of Cambridge The Valley Artisan’s Market will be having art demonstrations on Saturday and workshops on Sunday.  They include a birch bark flower workshop, and collage workshop.  There’ll also be painting, fabric and bird carving demos.  The Artisian’s Market sells art made by local artists.  And you can see Carol Conklin’s work there as well as in my School House Studio.  The Artisan’s Market  is right on Main Street  (In the Hubbard Hall Building) and will  be open 10-5 pm on Saturday and 10-3pm on Sunday.  For more info click here.

Battenkill Books will also be joining in the festivities with refreshments at the book store.

On Saturday night  at 7:30 pm there’s a play at  Hubbard Hall, the Old Opera House in town.  It’s the musical Peter and the Starcatcher and you can see more about it here.  

Hubbard Hall has a special deal for people coming to the Bedlam Farm Open House.  You can get your tickets for $20 by using the code “Katz” when you order your tickets.  And if there’s a group of ten or more people going, tickets are just $10 each.  There are also shows on Sunday at 2pm.  You can order tickets here or by calling 518 677-2495 ext 320. 

Also on Saturday night Lisa and Scott Carrino, owners of the Round House Cafe, are having a  pizza dinner at Pompanuck.  Pompanuck is just 15 minutes from Bedlam Farm.  It’s a beautiful location surrounded by hundreds of acres of state forest.  The dinner is to help Lisa and Scott raise money to buy the building their cafe is in.  Jon and I have Scott’s  delicious wood fired pizza  almost every Friday night for dinner.  I definitely recommend it.  I’ll have more information about the dinner as we get closer to the weekend.

If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected].





4 thoughts on “Some Good Things Going On In Our Town of Cambridge The Weekend of the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. I want to ask you if your wonderful tote bags are washable , in cold water or whatever? I use totes until they are ragged and then will line a favorite myself, to keep it going, so that they do get grubby and need a wash now and then.

    If they are I would like to order one of this style, but very specifically with a white cat and no full goddess figure. If you are willing, there is no hurry at all. I wouldn’t expect you to work on it until after the October Open House. Any of the ones you show, except for the top right hand one and the one beneath, u would be perfect, if they do not sell right away. I admire the Goddesses mind you but they mean nothing to my own psyche.

    We lost one of our most cherished cats a few months ago. Cassie was an original feral, pure white, who arrived pregnant and we have one of her kittens. She was with us for 10 years and has left a very big hole in our hearts–more than any other pet in our 40 years of marriage, and there have been many, many such animals. Her black and white son, Pancho, who is a real blister, is creeping into her place. (Now you can see why we love your HEAL potholder with its white cat)

    Best wishes to you both, Erika W.

    1. Hi Erika, The bags are not washable. It was a trade off I made in getting these bags. And I’m not making them to order right now either. I have too many of my own drawings inside of me that want to come out! And sorry to hear about Cassie. But so nice you have Poncho.

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