Jane McMillen And Her Pincushions at The Bedlam Farm Open House

Their little car was full.  Packed with tubs of pincushions, and displays, even an outdoor tent.   When I asked Jane if she would do a video,  she gave me the most incredulous look.  “Not me,” she said.  But her husband Tom gently prodded her with a smile.  “Why not?”

The thing I’ve found  about artists is  that once they start talking about their work, there’s no stopping them.  So it was just a matter of asking Jane a question or two and she was off.

Jane a delightfully quirky person.  With a great sense of humor and a very generous spirit.  She also does beautiful work.  Which you can see in the video.

You can get to know Jane a little better through the writings on her blog  Little House Home Arts. 
( In her latest post she suggests: “Love and Peace Through Quilting” would indeed “make America great again”)

To buy Jane’s work (and it’s a lot more than just pincushions)  you can click here.  If you see a pin cushion in the video that you’re interested in and  you don’t see on Jane’s website you can email me at [email protected].

3 thoughts on “Jane McMillen And Her Pincushions at The Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Oh Maria, This is a keeper! Jane is so humble and almost shy! So glad she listened to Tom. The video is perfect. I think even Jane would approve! I definitely need a chicken to add to my collection. I think we are all delightfully quirky! Love to you Maria and to you Jane 🙂

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