Fate’s Back

Fate and Red playing this afternoon
Fate and Red playing this afternoon

“She’s back!” I yelled this morning as Fate, leaped out of her crate and jumped on me.

Usually I don’t let her jump on me.  She usually doesn’t jump on me.   But this morning I was just relieved to have the Fate I know back.

She had taken off the cone that was supposed to keep her from chewing the bandage off her paw.  She started on the bandage, but only got a small piece of it undone.

The anesthesia from her minor surgery yesterday,  made her so lethargic.  When I got up in the night to go to the bathroom and checked on her, she was so dopey,   I started making up horrible stories in my mind.  What if she’s brain-damaged from the anesthesia I thought.  The Fate I love so much, lost forever.  “We’ll put her down” Jon mumbled in his sleep when I posed the question to him.   I spent the next hour, lying awake,  going over all the possibilities in my mind.

One more time in my life I wondered how people have children.  How do they survive?  Fate’s only a dog, but…..

It turned out my nightmareish thoughts were just that, nightmares.

By this afternoon, the bandage was off Fate’s foot, the minor surgery the vet had done the day before was forgotten.  Fate wasn’t even limping.  Whatever they did at the Vets (they don’t even seem to know what was wrong) worked.

I guess I didn’t even realize how worried I was until she jumped on me this morning and I didn’t tell her to “get down”.  I think I was as excited as she was.

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  1. Hi Jon & Maria
    Sure glad Fate is recovered ! Our power is out due to a storm last nite. I couldn’t sleep as head stuffed up. So got up. Have camping lantern on No we don’t camp but it’s great in Emergency’s when power is out. Just wanted to say I’m so glad Fate is ok as I know how much she means to you. Guess I should try to get some sleep as it’s 4:30 a m.

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