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The Creative Conference is something we started doing last year.  The day before the Open House we have some  classes at Pompanuck Farm.

This time I taught a workshop on making potholders intuitively,  the way I make mine.  Without a pattern or even knowing what it will look like until it’s done.

A few of the people who took the class did get their potholders done.  But I have a feeling I learned more than they did.

I’ll have to write more about it another time.  I’m worn out from getting things ready for the Open House, selling a lot of art online and the class today.

One thing was very clear.  I’m different than I used to be.  Anytime in the past, if I had taught a class and seen so much that I did wrong I would have either been defensive about it or never want to teach again.  This time I was glad to see what I needed to do differently.  And I’m eager to try it again and  see how well I can do.

Sue and the potholder she made today.
Sue and the potholder she made today.

4 thoughts on “Potholder Class

  1. No, thank you Maria for all you have done for me. You have no idea! Of course once again Ron’s work is extra busy this w/e. I could shit bricks.(can I say that here?) You get my gist. I can’t figure out how much Jane’s chicks cost from her Etsy sight, but we want to purchase one.So in your free time I trust you’ll help us out with this. ( joke:re:free time) Don’t panic!
    Have a lovely w/e.We are with you in silly spirit!

    1. Well I was going to ask were you were… And yes you can say that here. Jane is probably home right now sewing some more chickens. She told me she was going to try and figure out how to put feet on them. When I asked her how she’d do that she said she had no idea! I bet we see those chickens standing on their own two feet soon. I was selling them for $25. I don’t know what the price of the footed chickens will be…..

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