Grazing In The Back Pasture

We left the house at 5am and I drove Jon to the train station.  He was going to visit Emma and Robin in Brooklyn.  All three of them spent a couple of hours at Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters making phone calls to supporters.

I found it very symbolic, these three generations, being present and two of them actively supporting  the woman who may be our first female president.

I took this video in the morning when I let the animals out to graze in the back pasture.  We’ve been keeping an eye on Griselle, now that it looks like she pregnant.  We’ll try to get the Vet here early next week to check her out.

There’s still some grass left even after a frost yesterday morning.  Soon we’ll be feeding hay and I’ll start making a new baling twine chair.


One thought on “Grazing In The Back Pasture

  1. Dar Maria, I was just on Jon’s blog and saw the AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS of you and Jon with Mary Kellogg, and of Jon and Baby Robin. I had to come back and say how much I LOVE these pictures and how MUCH they represent your and Jon’s beautiful souls!!

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