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Mary Kellogg, Jon, me and Sam (in the back ground) in a photo that Suzy Fatzinger took at the Bedlam Farm Open House
Mary Kellogg, Jon, me and Sam Fatzinger (in the back ground).Suzy Fatzinger took this photo at the Bedlam Farm Open House.

I don’t remember Mary’s eyes being so blue.  Suzy never met her before, and when she sent me this picture she took of Mary and Jon and me, she mentioned Mary’s eyes.

Mary will be 87 years old in February.  Her body is changing, she’s thinner and somehow softer, even quieter.   But her eyes hold all the intensity that have always been Mary.  Ever since I met her over eight years ago.  If her body is fading her eyes are just burning brighter.

We share our love of creating. Of putting our work out into the world.  It’s what we’ve done together, what cements our friendship.  Me and Jon and Mary were a creative community before we even were thinking of community.

Three different generations  in the photo.  And then I saw Suzy’s son’s face in the back ground.  Sam’s an artist too.  Four generations now.

It was  windy that day.  Mary came into the gallery to warm up.  I made her a cup of camomile tea, brought her pumpkin bread and a chair.

Such a simple thing, yet a symbol of love too.  Warmth, nourishment and comfort.  I loved being able to do that for her.

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