Getting My Studio Back


I got back into my studio today.  Kinda.

I did bring the boxes and bags of fabric, the furniture, my sewing machines, Fate’s crate and everything else from the house, back into my studio.

Now I just have to put it all away.

I got a good start.  The first box of fabric I went through each piece, putting some aside for Goodwill that I don’t think I’ll use.  After that I got a little bored and wanted to move things along.  So I  just reached into the  box and brought out the piles of folded fabric and squished it into the shelf.

Really I just want to get back to my work.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully finish up the last of the shipping  and get it in the mail on Monday.   Then the guest room, the rest of the house and my studio will be close to being in working order.

Jon and I made plans to go away overnight on Sunday.  A little respite in Vermont to break the relentless work pattern that we’ve both been in for about two weeks now.  A threshold to beginning something new.  Jon will start writing his next book  next week and I’ll begin working on a commission I accepted to make five quilts for Christmas.

So many people who came to the Open House commented on what a wonderful space my studio is.  And I answered them all  the same way, saying  “I love my studio”.

It’s an extension of me and I wouldn’t be the same person without it.

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