Kathleen Nohe’s Bracelets Raise Almost $300 For India, At The Bedlam Farm Open House


I wish I had another photo of all the beautiful bracelets that Kathleen Nohe sent me, but they’re all gone.

Her note that came in the box with the bracelets said she thought she could help me raise more money by donating her bracelets than what she could give me in cash.

So she gave me her artistry, time and experience in the form of jewelry.

With her bracelets, Kathleen helped me raise $293 for my trip to India.

Wow! I can’t wait to tell you all what that money gets turned into in India.  And I can’t wait to find out myself.    How it will help the girls and women there.

So thank you once again, for all your donations, no matter what form them come in.

2 thoughts on “Kathleen Nohe’s Bracelets Raise Almost $300 For India, At The Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Hi Maria, Mum & Dad got back from their week long roadtrip this evening so I finally got to see the green stone bracelet I chose from the picture you posted, that they picked up for me at the Open House, and I love it! So pleased this idea turned out to be a great success.

    The label on mine says the stones are ‘Aventurine’ which I initially misread as ‘Adventurine’ and thought how appropriate that I’m donating for Maria’s adventure by choosing an adventurous bracelet! Love the little felted pouch it came in too.

    1. It was a pleasure meeting your parents Hannah. Such nice people. I’m so glad you like the bracelet. Kathleen wrote that her signaure on them was to put a stone that didn’t match in each one.

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