Slowing Down


I made two trips to the post office this morning before it closed at 12:30.  Then I came home and sorted through the money and commissions from the online sales  from the Open House.  I’m still not done, waiting for some checks to come in, but very close.

Because of the videos Jon and I did before the Open House I sold over $1000 of art online.  That’s good for the artists, me and the people who will be receiving the art.  It’s also been a lot more work for me and I still have expectations that I should be back in the studio by now.

But I’m getting used to the idea that it will take a little longer.  Everything’s taking a little longer than usual.  Getting people their art, artists getting their check, cleaning up and me getting back to work.

I’ve done some creatively fulfilling writing in the past couple of weeks but other than that, I’m missing doing what I consider my real work.  The creative stuff that feeds my heart and soul.

I can’t go too long without it, or I start to go a little mad.  Just ask Jon.

But tomorrow will be different.  We’re going to spend the night in Vermont.  One of the small towns we love to visit.  Far enough away to make us feel like we are away and close enough that we don’t have to spend half the day driving there.

I’ll  bring Commonwealth by Anne Patchett and take another book with me in case I finish it.  I’m not sure which one yet.   Maybe I’ll take The Secret Life Of Trees, which I’m half way through.

On our 24 hours away from home and work, I’m going to think about the trees.  How they grow so slowly.   I’m sure they have a completely different experience of time than we do.  I think it’s one of the reasons that walking in the woods calms me down.  Because I enter into their world.  And time is slower there.

We’ll go for a walk in the woods before we leave tomorrow.  And I’m going to try to take some of the feeling of being there with me.

Deb will be here to look after the animals while we’re gone, and we’ll be back on Monday.   Which means me Monday Morning Video will be delayed.  It will more likely be a Monday Afternoon Video.

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