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It was a strangely warm day, in the 80’s,  and windy enough to keep Ed Gulley’s Windchimes making music all morning and afternoon.     It was my first full day back in my studio in over two weeks and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Even Fate  wanted to be in the studio.  She went from sleeping in her crate to sleeping by the door to laying in front of my sewing machine (that didn’t last long).

I had my door  and windows open letting in the heat, the wind, the flies, ladybugs and wasps that came with the warm weather.

All I wanted to do was sew pieces of fabric together.  Somehow it helps keep me sane.

I love our Bedlam Farm Open Houses, but I wouldn’t want to do them all the time.  I need to create.  I guess it helps me sort things in my head and heart.  Kind of like dreaming.  It helps me make sense  and do something with all of  the ideas and emotions that fill me up, all day and night.

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