Starting Rain Quilt


I’m calling it my Rain Quilt, because the quilt I cut apart (in the picture above) to make my new quilt from,   hung on the gate outside my studio for over a week.   It got soaked in the rain, dryed off in the wind and sun.  Got wet and dryed off again and again.

Jack, from Jack’s Out Back,  the antique shope and gallery in town, gave me the quilt.  He’ll do that sometimes when he comes across some fabric that no one wants.  He offers it to me for free.  He hates to see anything old get thrown out.

Most of the small triangles are polyester, not something people want in a quilt anymore.  So I decided to cut out the cotton triangles and sew them all back together.  A good way to get going again in the studio, because it really began as busy work.  Cutting and randomly sewing the small pieces together.

As I cut the quilt apart, I got to know better the large, looping hand stitches used to hold it all together.  Many of them were visible on the top of the quilt.  It made me think that someone very young or very old made the quilt.

An act of love and necessity, as so many quilts are.

The polyester held its color better than the cotton.  The triangles I used are mostly faded, but not worn out to the point where they would rip easily, as so many older fabric will do.

I started cutting and sewing yesterday afternoon.  Then today I got more done.  It’s slow going. But by the end of the day I was happy with I have so far.

Here’s some photos of the process…




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