Bookkeeping and Shipping and Farm Art

Flo in the Apple Tree
Flo in the Apple Tree

Except for our visit to the Gulley’s farm today, I was holed up in the upstairs guestroom/office doing paper work.

I’m finishing up shipping the online sales from the Open House and getting the artists their commission checks from those sales.

Then it’s just the usual balancing the check book, and figuring out the sales and other taxes.   I always give thanks to my bookkeeper Anne at times like these because I know she’ll inform me of my mistakes and help me figure out the things I have a hard time with.

But this is the boring stuff to write about.  Necessary and good of course, without the money coming in, I wouldn’t be doing what I am.

It’s just not as interesting as our visit with Ed Gulley today.  Seeing his studio and his wonderous collection of materials, the organic crossover of art and life that goes on at Bejosh Farm every day.

Ed’s wife Carol didn’t stay for the visit.  She took off in her tractor  to warn people of an electrical line that came down and was in the road near a house her son is fixing up.

You can see a video that Jon took at Bejosh Farm today here.


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