The Bedlam Farm Hens and Minnie Too

The hens have stopped laying with the change in light and weather.  Over the weekend I plugged in the light and got them a new  red bulb so now they have light throughout the night.

They should start laying again soon.

Last winter we got at least an egg a day having the light in the coop.  I’m spoiled when it comes to fresh eggs.  Jon bought some free range eggs from the market, but they taste nothing like fresh eggs which are creamy and have a bright yellow yolk.  The other thing about fresh eggs is they’re harder to peel.  A good indication of how long its been in the fridge.

I’m looking forward to the first fresh egg of the winter.

2 thoughts on “The Bedlam Farm Hens and Minnie Too

  1. Hope you soon get eggs again! I haven’t gotten any in about a month; although I have only two chickens left right now from my little flock of six, and they’re busily molting.
    Is this the coop you have always had? From earlier pictures, I was thinking it was higher off the ground. Probably just a perception thing!

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