“Red”? A New Quilt


Focus, focus, it’s been so hard for me to focus.  Yesterday, as sometimes happens, my day was eaten up by things other than my work.   I got caught up in money and paperwork, things that needed to be done Now!  I didn’t get into my studio until 5pm…



But when I did something special happened and the quilt I started working on Monday (in the photo’s above)  came in to focus. I only worked for an hour more, but all the anxieties of the day melted away as I sewed small scraps of fabric together making squares that would fit into the quilt.



The red makes it a little hard to photograph.  There are actually more shades of red than you can see in the photo.

Today I did some more…


And when I left the studio the quilt looked like this….


I’m pretty happy with it.  I’ll give it the space of the weekend, and on Monday I’ll see if it needs anything else.

This quilt is one of five that I’m making for someone.  They will be Christmas presents, so there will be four more between now and December.

I’m thinking of calling this quilt Red, but that too can change by Monday.

2 thoughts on ““Red”? A New Quilt

  1. I like how conscientious you are about giving your work time to stew so you can come back to it with fresh eyes. This is something I’m always reminding myself to do with my writing, with varying degrees of success.

    1. So many times those fresh eyes make a big difference. And I usually stop when I just can’t seem to go any further, either because I’m tired or can’t figure out what to do next.

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