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Last month Linda emailed me proposing a commission.  She wanted me to make her five quilts to give as gifts to her family for Christmas.

It took me a couple of days to get back to her.  I had to think about if it was something I wanted to take on.  But when I got the details from her, I agreed.

Not only was Linda being supportive of me and my work, but she came up with what I now consider the perfect commission.

Linda  has worked with artists in this way  before and  it seems to me she understands what it is to be on the other side of a commission.

We worked out a price and the sizes of the quilts.      Linda wrote  me a couple of lines about each of her family members that she’d be giving the quilts to.  This was just the right amount of information to have a feeling for the people the quilts would be going to without overbearing influence.   She made it clear that didn’t want to interfere with my creative process.   Then Linda paid me half the cost of making the quilts up front.

There’s something freeing about the thought of making five quilts and knowing they’re already sold.

This morning, before backing the first quilt for Linda that I started last week, I started another quilt for her.

I had this idea running though my head about using two very different patterns together.


These are vintage fabrics, from the 1970’s.  They are part of the collection that Lindsay recently sent me from Baton Rouge,  that belonged to her friend Laura Israel.  They were just right for what I wanted to do.  I love the juxtaposition of  the colorful straight lines of the pencils with the organic lines of the black and white Romantic imagery.  The white fabric with maroon line is from an old tablecloth.   I used some contemporary fabric in it also.

I have some idea’s about what I do next on this quilt, but nothing certain right now.   I hope to finish designing it tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Another Quilt For Linda

  1. WoW WoW, Maria! I love this quilt! It just might be my favorite.
    I think you got your Gees Bend mojo going.

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