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One of my windows in my studio on the south facing wall.
One of my windows in my studio on the south facing wall.

This time of year is usually pretty cloudy, but when the sun does come out, because the it’s  lower in the sky, it floods into my studio, helping to keep it warm.   It also can be so bright it’s hard for me to see when I’m sewing.   So I search my shelves for curtains to hang in my windows.

I don’t actually sew the fabric into curtains. (who wants to sew curtains when I could be doing my work)  I just tack them up with pins and nails or drape them over a curtain rod.

My studio which is an old one room school house that was moved here in the 1960’s.  It has four windows that take up most of the south facing wall and one window on the west and north side.

I  would guess the black board used to hang on the back wall, where I now hang my quilts when I’m done working on them.

For most of my life I didn’t have a place to do my work.  Now I can’t imagine living without one.

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