A New Bailing Twine Sculpture

One of the chairs in the barn loft with a giant spiderweb attached to it.
One of the chairs in the barn loft with a giant spiderweb attached to it.

The bailing twine from this years hay is piling up in the barn.  So this morning I went into the loft of the barn to find a chair or something else to use as a form for my next bailing twine sculpture.

I was originally thinking of a chair, something similar to my Rapunzel Chair,  but I over the past few days I started thinking that maybe I wanted to use something else to tie and wrap the bailing twine around.

In the loft I found a table without a top.

I lowered it out of the hay door with a rope, but didn’t get any further with it.  I’m still not sure if it’s the right form to work with.  But I’ll decide soon.

I took a video of the barn loft but I’m having trouble posting it to YouTube.  Here’s a link to it on facebook https://www.facebook.com/maria.wulf.393

2 thoughts on “A New Bailing Twine Sculpture

  1. HI Maria, now you have more fleeces to deal with, maybe you could use your baling twine to make a woven top so you can use it as a skirting table. Lots of people make their own from window screens or some kind of mesh, small enough that the fleece wont fall through when it’s spread out on top, but big enough so that some of vegetable matter will fall through. Guess the only limitation might be the weight of the table, as you’d probably store it somewhere and want to carry it outside when you wanted to use it for fleece skirting.

    Although, by now, you may have thought of some other ideas, but that’s what popped into my head….

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