Over The Moon Beads Donation To My Trip To India and A New Hat For Jon

Heather at the shop, Over The Moon Beads
Heather at the shop, Over The Moon Beads

Heather took the $42 in cash from an envelope and handed it to me.  Leading up to and during the Bedlam Farm Open house Heather donated $2 for every pair of socks she sold, to my trip to India.

I amazes me how even now, I still get donations for my trip.  Someone buys a potholder and writes the check for a little more.  Or seemingly, out of nowhere someone sends me a check in the mail.  Some come with notes others just have “India” written in the memo.

It’s helped me really understand how it doesn’t matter how much you give, it’s in the giving.  And since starting my fundraiser for my trip, I’ve been more generous about donating small amounts to Causes I feel strongly about.

As I was leaving Heather’s shop, Sara Kelly (whose paintings and calendars I sold at the Open House this October)  walked in.  Somehow our conversation reminded Heather that she had a box with hats, much like the socks she sells, in the back room.

I knew, as soon as she pulled the hats out of the box I had to get one for Jon.

Heather doesn’t have a website, but she loves to do business the old fashioned way.  So if you’re in the market for some really colorful, and sturdy socks, or a hat made the same way, you can visit Over The Moon Beads here, on facebook or you can call Heather at (518) 677-3005.

Jon in his new hat and glove in his mouth.
Jon in his new hat

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