Dragon Fly Quilt


I was doing yoga in my studio when I saw the dragonfly fabric on my shelf.  I interrupted my practice to pull it out.   Soon after I saw the yellow and deep red pieces that I would put above and below with the dragonflies.

Those yellow and red pieces are handmade although I can’t remember where they’re from.  Someone sent them and other fabric to me a while ago.  The woman who sent them is a geologist and did some traveling.  I wish I remember more about it and her.

From the beginning the quilt had a feeling of ritual about it.   The symmetry was unavoidable.  Whenever I tried to deviate from it, it didn’t work.

So I let it be what it wanted to be.

Throughout making this quilt, there were many times when I had to leave it and come back to it.  It’s not an easy one.   Tonight, I got stuck again.  I know I’m trying too hard.  I want to get it resolved and I’m having a hard time being patient.

But I did step away from it and worked on something else for a while.

It’s bugging me though, like something I can’t remember, or a puzzle missing a piece.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Fly Quilt

  1. Hi Maria. Firstly – Happy Thanksgiving! Secondly, has the dragonfly quilt been sold? If not, what price will you be asking? The design really speaks to me….


    Pat Reid

  2. The vibrant yellow and orange flavor to this quilt makes me anticipate, with glee, to see how your travels to India will inspire you color creations. This one reminds me that perhaps the voyage has already begun. It’s marvelous!

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I do believe it has already begun. I wasn’t feeling so great about this quilt last night, went to a bad place, but it looks better to me this morning. And your words help.

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