Win One Of Jane McMillen’s Chicken Pincushions

My own Chicken Pincushion by Jane McMillen
My own Chicken Little Pincushion by Jane McMillen

I’ve been at my Post Office when the baby chicks come in.  You can hear them peeping from the lobby.  Boxes of baby chicks sent in the mail, waiting to be picked up to go to their new home.  A couple of times there was even a rooster, crowing at the wrong time of day.

But my chicken was quiet and  delivered to my mailbox.   It’s a Chicken Pincushion sent to me from my friend and  it’s maker Jane McMillen.

Jane insisted on giving me one after I sold out the 25 she made for  the Bedlam Farm Open House.  Now she’s made about thirty more, in a bunch of different colors and patterns and is giving one away on her website Little House Home Arts.  All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog, Little House Home Arts.  (on Jane’s blog, not mine, if you leave a comment on my blog you won’t be entered in the contest and will miss your chance to win!)

I love this little chicken (or Chicken Little as Jane calls.  You can read all about it here) and know I’ll never stick a pin in her, even though she’s stuffed with crushed walnut shells to keep my pins and needles sharp, and it’s what she was made for.   I guess it’s the same way some people feel about my potholders.

Jane will choose a winner two days after Thanksgiving and let us all know who it is.  And if you don’t win, you can always buy one of Jane’s Chicken Pincushions from her.  You can see them all here on her blog or click here to  all her other beautiful work on Etsy.

Some of Jane's Chicken Pincushions
Some of Jane’s Chicken Pincushions…
...and a few more.
…and a few more.

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  1. Dear Maria…what a lovely blog…thank you so much for letting your readers know of my give away! I imagine receiving a chicken after eating turkey? Someone will be very lucky indeed!! thank you again!! Sincerely, Jane McMillen, Little House Home Arts.

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