Linda’s Fifth Quilt


I was walking in the woods when I knew my fifth quilt for Linda needed that green line around it.  I saw it as clearly as the trees in  front of me.

When I got back to my studio I pulled the piece of fabric from the shelf and started cutting and sewing it on.

Then I looked at the quilt on my floor and the space surrounding it and saw what I needed to do next.  I used the small scraps from the fabric I’d already used in the quilt and some other fabric,  to make a separate piece that I trusted would work with the rest of the quilt when I finished it.


This is what the quilt looked like when I left my studio tonight.  It doesn’t need much more.   I hope to finish designing it tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Linda’s Fifth Quilt

  1. Maria, I’ve liked all the quilts you did for Linda, but there’s something about this one that really jumps out at me. Whatever the woods tell you when you’re out there walking, keep listening. 🙂

  2. The green that you added just belongs on this quilt, and it looks like the forest somehow. The potholders are very bright and pretty all hung together, too. The wood of your wall emphasizes colors and patterns. Annie

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