The Drape of Snow


I left the clothes out on the line last night.  This morning I was enchanted by how the snow emphasized the drape of the fabric on Jon’s shirt.

Seeing it made me pay attention to what else the snow was doing on  the farm.  Here’s what I found…


….snow caught on the statue in our yard.   This drape of fabric is carved in stone….


….a line of snow that melted in a similar drape on the car.


…snow, like a crescent moon, on the frying pan that is a part of the Wind Chime Ed Gulley made.


This snow square was made when I picked up the pooper scooper to clean up the dog poop.


…and these made by bricks, left on the lawn since the last open house.    In these the snow becomes the negative space to create the shapes.  While in the drapes the snow creates the line.




4 thoughts on “The Drape of Snow

  1. Maria, only an artist would see this. Thanks for showing us what many might not ‘see’. I think of how often I look but don’t ‘see’. As much and all as my training in design is directed towards seeing, I can miss so much unless I focus. Same with hearing. Seems my senses are in a hurry so much I overlook and scan read, scan my visual landscape…
    We have snow as well. We’ve had such a glorious November, which is unusual here in Southern Ontario that I’m spoiled and mentally not ready to get out the snow shovel, put the boots on, get into my heavy coat, which I have not done so yet.
    Sandy P, an hour north of Toronto. In the country.

    1. I’m so often stuck in my brain, I don’t see what’s in front of me either Sandy. I’m too busy seeing what I’m thinking about. Hope the snow isn’t so bad this winter for you.

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